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Remedy Relief with Emily Harrington


Emily Harrington is a professional rock climber and adventurer who has been a prominent and leading figure in the climbing community since she was a teenager, and guess what? She’s a fan of JLEssencials.

"I love the feeling of the JLessencials CBD balm. I put it on sore muscles almost everyday after training an it helps me recover for the next day of climbing. I really love the smell. It's spicy and refreshing and doesn't smell like medicine like all the other stuff out there. It's become a part of my daily climbing routine!"


Why is our balm so good? We combine our CBD oil with arnica and cayenne pepper to make a relief balm perfect for anyone from Emily Harrington to you. Arnicaonce called Wolf’s Bane is a herb found to soothe bruises, and sore muscles alike while Cayenne pepper promotes blood flow to the applied area to keep muscles from cramping. Combine that with our vapor distilled CBD oil which quells swelling and pain and you’ve got a remedy for sore muscles wether you got them climbing all day, or picking up the kids from school.

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